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Nos whose title is an ancient Greek term for intellect or mind is one of the premier philosophy journals with a well-earned reputation for the high quality of its essays and critical studies. The journal has a tradition of excellence publishing articles which address the whole range of topics at the center of philosophical debate. Bonus-Subscribers to Nos also receive two esteemed annual publications at no additional cost! Philosophical Perspectives An annual thematic volume that brings together articles by leading philosophy scholars includes published articles symposia surveys critical studies on philosophy and philosophical problems and book reviews. The 2001 Volume is entitled Philosophical Perspectives 15 Metaphysics 2001. and Philosophical Issues Now appearing as a supplement to Nos Philosophical Issues has attained distinction through the uniformly high quality of its previous ten volumes. Its authors include many of the most distinguished philosophers active today. Each issue is devoted to invited papers and book symposia in a specific area of philosophy normally deriving from a conference in that area. The 2001 Volume is entitled Philosophical Issues 11: Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. Back issues are available electronically from JSTOR.

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